We will do everything in our power to meet our customers’ needs. We recognize that each of our customers is different, and each customer deserves a customized approach. To that end we offer private suites. custom cages and cabinets, metering and measuring solutions and leverage our partners to provide additional services. Our experienced sales team has formulated and customized solutions from fully biometric-secured private suites to caged environments, private full cabinets and private 1/2 and 1/3 cabinets on behalf a wide variety of clientele. CDC is completely vendor neutral and our tenants can connect and transact freely with their business relationships. We partner with the best service providers to complement our offerings, and we leverage our network of business relationships to seek the most desirable solutions to customers’ needs.


We adhere to the highest standards of quality in our design and engineering with particular attention to efficient solutions for our customers. We strive to deliver the most energy efficient colocation in the marketplace, including best-in-class PUE. Our cooling systems employ several energy saving technologies, including underground water storage for overnight cooling, free heat exchangers and in-row modular CRAC units.


Customer satisfaction is our only objective and we pursue it with dogged determination. Our sales team is highly attentive and responsive and our flexibility and customization is how we provide differentiated service. Further, our attention to the details of the entirety of our customers’ colocation experience allows us to better anticipate our tenants’ needs. Our 24x7 staff of network engineers and facility managers deliver first rate service from initial deployment to turn-up and commissioning to remote management and ongoing operational support.