We will do everything in our power to meet our customers’ needs. Whether you are executing a proximity trading strategy to the Aurora CME, mining bitcoins, housing your mission critical business applications, or colocating your gaming servers, we recognize that uptime is non-negotiable, but beyond that, requirements can vary greatly. To that end we offer private suites, custom cages, full and partial cabinets, and metering and measuring solutions. We partner with the best service providers to complement our infrastructure, and we leverage our network of business relationships to seek the most desirable solutions to customers’ needs. We are completely vendor neutral and our tenants can freely connect and transact with their own business relationships within our space.


Our data centers are capable of delivering and cooling some of the highest density power configurations in the industry. These solutions are ideal for parallel computing applications, including algorithmic trading strategies (proximity to CME Aurora), bitcoin mining and advanced database management. Further, our proprietary hot aisle containment system with in-row cooling ensures that we can deliver your power efficiently.


With fiber optics increasingly ubiquitous, we seek to differentiate our data centers by ensuring a wide variety of connectivity options. As the first Open-IX OIX2 certified data center in the Chicago region, NCDC 603 is not only serviced by many of the most prominent fiber providers, but also offers peering and alternative interconnection services. Connectivity is a fundamental tenet of our strategy, and we seek to partner with the brightest minds in networking to ensure that our customers’ expectations are consistently exceeded.